Getting Loans the Easy Way Featured Article

It’s true that bad credit borrowers do experience a hard time getting a loan from their banks and other mainstream lenders. Your low credit score can place you into a poor bargaining position for great deals on mainstream loans. In fact, your application could even end up rejected.

The good thing is, you don’t have to rely on mainstream financing firms to get loans for people with bad credit. There are now numerous third party and online lenders who can give you the loan you want in a much simpler application process and faster approval rate.

Online Lenders vs Mainstream Lenders

When it comes to the fastest and easiest way of getting loans for people with bad credit, the online lenders are your best bet. These lenders are less stringent with their requirements and the paperwork they require are few and common.

These lenders also have a streamlined loan application process in place which can happen virtually. In fact, you only need to fill up the loan application form, submit the required documents then wait for approval.

Most of all, unlike mainstream lenders, third party and online lenders are more keen on giving you the loan despite bad credit. You simply have better chances for approval and you wouldn’t even have to go through credit check or present collateral.

The only downside is that such loans come with more interest rates. But with that in mind, you’ll be wiser that you should only take loans for people with bad credit when there’s a financial emergency and you’re equipped to handle the payments. Just think of the difference in interest rate as the price that you have to pay for convenience and speed.

Ways to Save Money on Padded Envelopes

Budget Mailers for Ebay, Listia and More

Padded envelopes are not cheap, especially when they are used on a regular basis. I do not sell items on eBay, but I regularly give away things that I no longer want or need on Listia. I always use padded envelopes, even when the items are not fragile. The small pockets of air provide cushioning, and I would not use any other method to send my items. However, I had to recently look for ways to save money on packing supplies. They were becoming far too costly for my budget. I came up with a few great ways to save money on padded envelopes, and I no longer have to pay full price.

Cut Large Padded Envelopes Into Smaller Packages

When I needed smaller padded envelopes and only had the largest size, I came up with a plan to save money. Instead of going to my local discount store and spending $1.25 on three smaller mailers, I cut the largest one I had into thirds. The large bubble wrap mailers did not cost much more than the smaller ones. I save a lot of money by dividing and securely taping the largest mailers available. I fold over both ends and use about three layers of clear box tape to secure the openings. They work just as well.

Reuse Bubble Wrap and Other Packaging

Whenever possible I save used bubble wrap and other packaging. After all, why throw away perfectly good packing materials? Save money on padded envelopes by saving reusable packaging. The practice of saving materials whenever possible will offset the cost of materials that must be purchased, and it also helps to lessen the impact it has on the environment.

Make Padded Envelopes to Save a Lot of Money

I have also resorted to making padded envelopes in an effort to save more money. I recently bought a package of unpadded envelopes, and they work just as well when the items are wrapped. The outcome is the same, and the price is considerably less. The bubble wrap does not have to be connected to the envelope to protect the items inside.

Buy Packaging in Bulk

The more packing materials cost, the lower the profits. When combined with shipping, some items are not worth selling online. My boyfriend regularly sells items on eBay, and he also had to look for ways to save money on padded envelopes. He found a fantastic wholesale source, and when using the same methods I use to save money, his profits have skyrocketed. With green packaging and a little ingenuity, you can save money while lessening your personal impact on the environment.

If You Want to Save Money Use VoIP Internet Phone Service

save with voipDo you want to save some money on your phone bill? Have you ever heard about VoIP internet phone service? I know any dollar counts nowadays there are many tools that you can use to make free phone calls. And unless you are on an once per month price list that offers a lot of free mins it can shortly add up if you constantly make calls in the US, particularly at pay as you go rates.

Nevertheless the irony is that it does not need to be pricey to speak with chums or family, whether or not they are in this country or on the opposite side of the Earth, just while you’ve got access to a PC and broadband. By downloading some nifty VoIP internet phone service software you may be calling your mates and family for free in seconds, and for so long as you need to stay on the line. With some VoIP internet phone service you may call either landline or mobiles direct from your PC at less expensive rates than using your mobile, when you have purchased some call credit.

Many of us with VoIP internet phone service opt to use the in-built microphone and speakers supplied immediately with their PC or laptop PC. Nonetheless sometimes that arrangement isn’t convenient as it forces the caller to stay in front of their PC as they carry on their conversation. However it is easy to purchase a telephone handset that looks and works like a standard landline telephone and connects right to your VoIP internet phone service. The large merit of the handset, aside from sound quality is it’s awfully cartable and can be employed round the house, additionally; the caller isn’t compelled to sit in front of their PC. Indeed, when employing a handset it can be tricky to tell whether the caller is making landline or web calls, but the telephone bills will be much less expensive thru the internet! Nevertheless web calls are the second most elementary version of the kind of communication that may be made through such software, text based chats are the considered most straightforward and are also a helpful back-up, should a mike and speaker set up not be available to conduct a voice call. Though definitely handy for personal people, many companies are now awakening to the price tag and convenience advantages of using VoIP.

It can often help build work groups and of further benefit, may also be used to conduct tele-conferences. For those on high speed broadband there’s also the option of top quality video call, all making VoIP internet phone service nearly indispensible to the running of many smaller companies. In my opinion the best options out there are Skype and Magic Jack. Skype is free software that you have to have installed on both computers to make the phone call. Magic Jack is really cool is very similar to a USB flash drive that you plug into a computer, install the software and use your regular phone, you even get a phone number and have free phone calls in the US and Canada.

How to Save Money with Less Than Truckload Shipping

truckload shippingLess than truckload shipping is the transportation of goods that don’t fill up a full truck. Normally the amount of space your allowed to fill up on a truck bed has to be less then half of the trucks space in order to qualify for less than truckload rates of shipping. If you have anything over that, most less than truckload companies will charge you the cost of shipping a full truckload. They do this because they say if you fill up more than half a truckload your taking away shipping orders from their other customers and their losing money.

Less than truckload carriers have become more popular since the deregulation of the trucking industry in 1980. When the trucking industry was deregulated it opened up the industry to more trucking companies and broke the monoploies that the bigger companies had over everything. This is turn lead to more competition and price wars and better shipping rates for merchants looking to save money. In the pass getting a less than truckload rate wasn’t possible no matter how many items you shipped. But in the new trucking industry it’s possible and it’s a great way of saving money.

So if your looking for frieght shipping and you want to save money. The first thing you should do is look for a less than truckload carrier, this can help you save lots of money, but only if you find a good LTL company with good LTL rates. The rates for LTL shipping varies considerably from company to company, so it’s up to you to compare all the LTL companies that you can find agaisn’t each other and pick the company that fits your shipping needs and price limits. Taking advantage of Less Than Truckload shipping doesn’t do any good if your paying to much for it. That’s like finding a great company to invest in and waiting till the stock price goes up to purchase stocks. In order to take full advantage of Less Than Truckload shipping you have to go with the company that offers your the best rates and quality.

There are several things to look for when choosing a less than truckload company. Depending on your needs you may not need everything that most companies offer, but there are a few things that almost all good less than truckload companies offer. Every company should offer tracking confirmation and insurance for your items. Me personally I wouldn’t trust a shipper that didn’t offer insurance because you’d be out of luck and money if something happened to your items before they were delivered where you wanted them to be. Even if you don’t want insurance, it’s good know that it’s available just in case. And tracking confirmation is self explanitory, everybody has had a period in life here they wonder where some of their mail is. Tracking confirmation provides you with immediate answers to those questions and allows you to keep track of your shipped items.

A lot of LTL shipping companies offer same day order taking and pickup services. If you want to save money it’s best to plan your shipments in advance, because same day pickup comes with extra fees that you could easily and should avoid. Like the United States Postal service anything besides standard shipping is going to cost you and arm and a leg. But if you avoid uncessary fees and and qualify for less than truckload shipping you’ll save a lot of money and make your business more profitable.